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Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam is the largest branch of the world-famous Hermitage of St Petersburg. The museum is located along the Amstel River in the historic Amstelhof building.

The Hermitage is situated in the Amstelhof, this historic building dates back to the Dutch golden age and used to serve as a retirement home until 2007. When the museum opened in 2009, it was inaugurated by Queen Beatrix and Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. The Hermitage has two permanent exhibitions. One being Russia- Netherlands relations and the other is the history of the Amstelhof itself. Besides that, the museum also hosts a number of temporary exhibitions like the history of Alexander the Great and a large collection of paintings titled Matisse to Malevich.

A look inside the Hermitage Museum

The Russian Hermitage has several international branches, the one in Amsterdam is by far the largest and it is housed in a beautiful, classic architectural building. The building was constructed in 1681 and still has the original exterior. A long brick facade that extends over 100 meters, at the time this was the longest in the city. The interior has been renovated many times throughout the years and most importantly in recent times, following a €40 million renovation project to accommodate the substantial collection.

In the museums the paintings are hung in such a way that you can get very close with the art. In this way you can discover all the painting has to show yourself. The museum is a beautiful starting point for everyone who wants to know more about the golden age or the shared history between Russia and the Netherlands.

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Hermitage Amsterdam
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