Going out

Going out

Tappery The Eternal Youth brings out the child in you

A few years back, Brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd was founded with a tasty assortment of 6 specialty beers. The beers were brewed by a trio of youthful, enthusiasts with the aim of bringing out the child in people a little more often. There is 'Lellebel' to bring out the flowers, 'Gladjanus' to chase you onto the dance floor and 'Bully' to transform you into the party's mood setter in a few sips.

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Especially for all adults who want to feel like a kid again, there is now Tapperij De Eeuwige Jeugd in Amsterdam Oost. A tappery, cocktail bar, games bar, karaoke bar and tasting room all in one. On tap are the special beers Gladjanus, Bullebak, Lellebel, Bokkelul, Nitwit, Gluiperd and Belhamel of Brewery De Eeuwige Jeugd.

At Linnaeusstraat 37A you step into a living room where it is pleasant to be. Divided into different rooms themed around the different characters of the special beers of De Eeuwige Jeugd, you can feel like a kid here. From board games to darts, loud karaoke, pub quizzes, letting yourself go during live soccer, shuffleboarding, swooning at a romantic movie or a stage where the microphone is always open, in Oost's new beer spot no one will notice if you let yourself go.

''We don't stop playing because we get older, we get old because we stop playing. Getting older is a given. But how young you stay is a choice. Eternal Youth does not make a magic potion that will make you young again or give you great powers. Your eternal youth is inside, so get out what's inside," said the Eternal Youth brewers.


Opening hours
Tapperij de Eeuwige Jeugd is open from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. all days of the week and until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Tappery The Eternal Youth
Linnaeusstraat 37A, Amsterdam
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Tappery The Eternal Youth
Linnaeusstraat 37A, Amsterdam


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