The Walter Woodbury Bar

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In East it happens, and so in East we must be. Adventurer Walter Woodbury left for the Dutch East Indies in 1851 at the age of 17, to photograph the island of Java. Now more than a century and a half later, in the turbulent Javastraat you will find The Walter Woodbury Bar, a bar and restaurant inspired by the world of Walter Woodbury. A fantastic place where you are welcome at any time of the day for coffee, lunch, dinner and drinks. And just like the Javabuurt in Amsterdam East itself, the menu is exotic and adventurous at the same time. An absolute must.

Javastraat 42, Amsterdam
In the neighbouhood



Amsterdam East

Amsterdam Oost is one of the pearls of Amsterdam. With numerous restaurants, bars, stores, art institutions, parks and awesome neighborhoods, you can endlessly bike, enjoy, wonder and experience in Oost. There didn't used to be much to do in Oost. The proliferation of restaurants, stores and special outdoor places...


Javastraat 42, Amsterdam


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