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After years of being very successful behind the stove at 't Brouwerskolkje in Overveen, and having been awarded two Michelin stars for his cooking, two-star chef Moshik Roth traded his endearing garden shed for concrete new construction on Oosterdok Island. The daring concept &moshik looks more like a phone store than a star restaurant from the outside, but once inside, there is no sign of the businesslike bleakness that the lettering outside exudes. &moshik is a star restaurant and cocktail bar in one.

In the lounge, slide in for a top-notch cocktail and choose from the bar menu that is bursting with originality, including, for example, the Calamares alla Carbonara and the insane Tomeato burger, a hamburger raised from tomato and served in an original way. Order the Usual and before you know it, the bar is filled with platters of chorizos, smoked Spanish salmon, pickled peppers and other condiments. These are appetizers that betray the outstanding taste of the man who put molecular cooking on the map in the Netherlands.

Upstairs, the real cooking happens and you can enjoy the gastronomic experiments of the sturdily bespectacled chef. Here, the patron has created a luxuriously equipped workshop for him and his enormous team in hopes of becoming the best restaurant in the world.

Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam
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Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam


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