Get your laundry done by the Miele Laundry Club

Do you hate washing and ironing or simply have something better to do with your time? Miele offers the solution. The new Miele Laundry Club is an online service where you can have your dirty laundry picked up and delivered back to your home clean, ironed and folded at a time of your choosing.



For anyone with a standard overflowing laundry basket and an aversion to doing laundry, the Miele Laundry Club is a godsend. Collection, washing, ironing, steaming and delivery, they do it all. You also don't have to worry about your clothes discoloring or shrinking because with 115 years of laundry experience at Miele, you can trust that they can handle your dirty laundry too. 

How does the Miele Laundry Club work?

Through the Miele Laundry Club website, you can schedule your laundry appointment. You are sent a cotton laundry bag in advance in which you can put your laundry unsorted. The bag is picked up at a time that is convenient for you and Miele makes sure that the clothes are sorted by type of textile and color. You can also choose to have items steamed and ironed. Everything is then returned to you neatly folded or on hangers at a day and time you specify.


For washing and folding your clothes, you pay €5 per kilo. Dry cleaning and ironing starts at €3 for a shirt to €20 for a jacket. The minimum spend per washing round is €30.


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